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We, at Mares Cares Counseling LLC, are proud to offer quality child counseling in Chillicothe, OH. It is our belief that the emotional demands children experience in socially challenging and academically demanding school environments can result in behavior problems and anxiety that impede the development of critical life skills.

We believe all types of behavior carry meaningful explanations, and far too often a child’s challenging behavior is cast aside and disregarded as attention-seeking, an act of rebellion, or simply resisting authority. These dismissive thoughts do little to nothing to address problematic behaviors and impeded social skills. Instead, they serve as trivial labels that society has come to accept as the alleged sources of certain behaviors.

After working with many struggling children, we have discovered a child’s difficult behavior is as much a problem for them as it is for you, the parent. What is more, they find it to be as much of a mystery as you do. Therefore, it is important to stop asking “why” and to avoid punishing them simply for the sake of discipline, as your child is also a victim of his or her behavior.

At Mares Cares Counseling LLC, we believe that most problematic behavior is in service of a function that often stems from the child’s stressful relationship with siblings, teachers, peers, and parents. Our expert therapists will work with you and your child in identifying how—with honesty and openness—the troublesome behaviors have found a grip and help you develop a strategy to address the needs that are not being met.

We are dedicated to understanding the multifold function of the behaviors you want to curtail. Most of us fall for a simple cause-and-effect pattern that would explain why the child is struggling socially or academically. When educators use this simplified relationship model, they are usually given to ineffectual “bashing” in an effort to blame someone else for these behaviors.

Whether your child is diagnosed with ADHD or simply needs a little extra school help, we will assist you and your child in finding effective ways to navigate obstacles and formulating helpful and constructive patterns to put into practice.

Seek assistance from our reliable counselors at Mares Cares Counseling LLC today.

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