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Mares Cares Counseling LLC offers renowned adolescent counseling in Chillicothe, OH. During most counseling sessions, teens generally prefer to sit and talk in a one-on-one environment. Some therapy sessions involve guided questions to encourage in-depth discussions.

Some patients readily open up and some are reserved and shy, which is why we maintain an open and trusting environment to effectively address whatever might be troubling your teen. Whether it is grief, trauma, anxiety, abuse, depression, or any other emotional ailment, we can help you through.

Being a teenager is never easy. Adolescents today have to contend with schoolwork, navigate the rules of dating, develop supportive friendships, and struggle with increased social pressures. In a world of ever increasing, evolving social media and interconnectedness, personal battles have become more prevalent. The transition can be equally hard on parents. The daughter or son they have known since birth is becoming a different person, and old activities, conversations, and rules inevitably change.

If you have noticed trouble with your teen, or that they are having difficulty finding their footing during these changing times, our therapists at Mares Cares Counseling LLC are available to help. Our main goal is to meet with your teen on their level, where we listen to and value their experiences and ideas. At its core, our counseling sessions are about respecting your child—otherwise, they are reluctant to open up. By meeting them where they presently are, our counseling relationships can lead to positive changes for your teen.

Some the adolescents we work with are more comfortable expressing themselves creatively, which can be a unique way to steer discussions in a manner that may have not been possible otherwise. At Mares Cares Counseling LLC, we believe counseling should ultimately be a fun and safe shelter where teens can get relief from daily stressors. We are committed to ensuring that sessions are something your adolescent can look forward to and will help alleviate any fear or apprehension that they may have toward therapy.

From dealing with custody battles to overcoming issues with anxiety and depression, our expert therapists are committed to improving the life of your teenager and your family as a whole.

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